Tropical State of Mind

We believe a piece of great furniture can welcome you like a long lost relative.

It transcends a certain warmth, fondness, and familiarity that embraces your heart and makes you feel that you belong.

At Pineapple we aim to accomplish this by infusing love and affection into every aspect of our furniture. Each piece is born out of our passion for good design, high craftsmanship, and exceptional quality. All the while, ensuring optimum comfort that gives you the ultimate seating experience.

Our use of carefully selected natural materials highlights our design philosophy that wants to bring nature closer to home. Not only does it breathe tranquility and radiate positivity, it also acts as a subtle reminder to disconnect from our busy lives every once in a while.

So bask in the glory of the sun or dance wildly in the rain. Feel the gentle breeze blowing through your hair.

Our wide range of tropical furniture will get you immersed in the summer vibes.

All year long.

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