Weaving is widely regarded as one of the oldest crafts in the world and Indonesia has a deeply rooted tradition of weaving.

With almost 90% of world’s rattan population found in Indonesia, rattan weaving became our nation’s strong suit to compete globally. Cirebon is often dubbed the world’s capital of weaving as many high skilled weaving artisans are found plying their trades in this small city of West Java.

Unfortunately weaving has started to lose its place in the hearts of modern day consumers. What was once the pinnacle of craftsmanship is now seen as traditional, old-fashioned and obsolete. Thus, its popularity has started to wane.

Pineapple Fibre is the latest offering from Pineapple Lifestyle Furniture in collaboration with Hularo, the world’s first and finest synthetic rattan.

Through this collaboration, we aim to preserve weaving by making it relevant again in today’s design world. We do this by incorporating it into bespoke interior and architectural features such as wall panels, room dividers and ceiling ornaments.

We use two simple systems with our panels. The first one is by using marine plywood backing as the main frame that holds the weaving together. This is perfect for those looking for an alternative to the common gypsum ceiling or the all-too-habitual cement wall.

The second system is by using powder-coated aluminum pipes as the main frame. This system enables you to have a compelling, three-dimensional look as, depending on the weaving patterns, it allows you to have a more translucent view. By allowing the natural light to pass through, you are also in for some interesting light play.

Both systems are quick and easy to install. Simple use of screws and drill will warrant a very swift and trouble-free installation.



We make sure to only use eco-friendly materials in producing our exotic woven panels.

Our aluminium frame is powder coated in our state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly facility with our own water treatment plan.

The Hularo synthetic rattan is made from 100% recyclable material and non-toxic substances.


Unlike other synthetic rattan in the market, our fibre is colour throughout all the way from the surface to the core.

This means more durability and protection from scratches and peels.


Pineapple Fibre offers the best textures you can find. Our synthetic rattan closely resembles its natural counterpart, enabling your project to have a more realistic and lifelike look while keeping it maintenance free.

Our fibre is also available in many different profiles; big, small, round or flat to suit your design.


Hularo is known for its resilient and durability. Often labelled the strongest synthetic rattan in the business, our fibre is able to withstand any weather conditions, while retaining its color and staying crack-free.

We confidently offer 5 year warranty with our weaving.